Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Jana Kelley has written a complex contemporary trilogy following Mia Weston as she and her family live in Sudan, hoping to make a difference through her husband's work at Kellar Hope Foundation.  Nothing about life there is what Jana expected, but the family finds a "new normal" and Mia is determined to carefully share her Christian faith with the women she meets.  Each of the three books shows both how perilous and how rewarding telling others about the forgiving love of Christ can be.
MERCY TRIUMPHS has Mia, her husband and their children preparing for a visit back to Texas, but unsure if their travels will be approved by the Sudanese government.  Meanwhile Halimah, a young convert whose story is told in the first two books, is working with refugees in Kenya.  Living under the name Sara, the new believer fears for her future but finds assurance that God will protect her.
So when her younger sister living in Dubai with an aunt and uncle asks her to visit, Sara believes God is leading both women to a new safe life.

Based on true events, Kelley's novels show how complicated life is for Christians living in Muslim dominated societies.  The stark differences between American society and life in Sudan is clear, and while it may be difficult to understand, we see that Mia truly comes to love the place which was home for three years.  As Jana Kelley writes on her website, she write(s) about faith and culture and about living a life that meshes the two," and she does it with an authenticity that is eye opening, entertaining, at times suspenseful, but mostly inspiring. I received a copy of this title from LITFUSE.  I was not compelled to write a review.  All opinions are mine.

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