Friday, May 12, 2017

TOO DEEP FOR WORDS by Andrea Boeshaar

Too Deep for Words: A Civil War Novel  -     By: Andrea Boeshaar
TOO DEEP FOR WORDS continues The Shenandoah Valley Saga that Andrea Boeshaar began in A THOUSAND SHALL FALL. Sisters Carrie Ann and Margaret Jean Bell are reunited when Carrie Ann's new husband (an Union officer) rescues Margaret from her indentured servant position at the Wayfarers Inn.  But the two sisters have little time to settle back into a companionable relationship when word comes that another skirmish is happening between Union and Confederates along the Maryland-Virginia border, and within a day, Carrie Ann learns that her husband is missing and presumed dead. 

Like the first book in the series, the plot concentrates not so much on the battles of war, but on the lives of those who have connections on both the South and the North. Eli Kent, a Confederate soldier, who once served in the US Army with Carrie Ann's husband, is one. When he learns that he is the executor over his former friend's estate, he takes secret actions to protect not only his Southern family, but also Carrie Ann who refuses to accept her husband's death. 

I read the A THOUSAND SHALL FALL almost 18 months ago and it took me several chapters of TOO DEEP FOR WORDS to piece together the past actions of Carrie Ann, Margaret, Peyton, and Eli.  Current readers should not have that problem because they can move quickly from book one to the next. However, I did feel the ending left lots of room for a third book which would take the readers into a post-war Virginia, a book which is slated for 2018 publication. In this installment, the author has woven in scenes which include historical figures, including General Sheridan and President Lincoln, adding authenticity to the dates of action. 

TOO DEEP FOR WORDS and A THOUSAND SHALL FALL offer stories of promises held, dangerous choices, committed love, and discovered faith against the ever-changing background of a nation at war. I received a copy for review purposes from Kregel publications, and all opinions are mine.

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