Friday, April 14, 2017

If I'm Found by Terri Blackstock

If I’m FoundIn the new novel IF I'M FOUND, Terri Blackstock continues the suspense-filled tale of
Casey Cox who has been wrongly accused of killing a newspaper reporter investigating her father's suicide years earlier.  Book one, IF I RUN has Casey on the run as both a Shreveport police detective and a private investigator, Dylan Roberts rush to find her.  Casey settles into a new identity but her need to help a child in danger blows her cover and the first book ends with Casey on the run again.
But as that book ends, it is clear that Dylan now has doubts about her guilt and he is beginning to look into possible fraud in the police department.

As the second book IF I'M FOUND opens, Casey secures a new identity, but rather than hiding out in a safe location, she begins to search for information that will identify just who is "dirty" in the Shreveport police department.  The book follows a very similar pattern to book one.  Casey cannot focus on just keeping safe; she gets involved in the lives of the new people she meets, and her need to do right by them leads to new danger for herself.  Dylan continues to believe in her innocence and tries to keep a barrier between her and the police department, all the while keeping up the pretense that he is looking to find and capture her.  The story line that Dylan suffers from PTSD continues in this book and adds a layer of realism to a story that at times seems like an entertaining rerun of THE FUGITIVE.  There is a building relationship between Dylan and Casey, but the danger they face takes precedence, something I appreciate. For me, sudden romances between two people thrust together in times of danger often seem too contrived. I've always enjoyed Terri Blackstock's writing and this series is a break from her typical crime fighting series.  A third book will be following soon, and hopefully, Casey will be vindicated and the villains will be caught.  I received a copy from NetGalley and all opinions are mine.

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