Friday, January 13, 2017

January 2017 quilting projects -- so far

It's two weeks into 2017 and I have two projects done and a last one from 2016 to share.  All were
fast and quick but I love them.  First up is a holiday wall panel that I added a piano border to and then free motion quilted to accent each part of the panel.  This panel caught my eye somewhere on our summer travels (can't remember where) because of the Christmas sleigh.  We had a black cutter just that shape when I was a kid and we could hitch up our horse to take rides across the snow-covered fields.  The cutter remains in the shed of our farm which is now owned by my brother.  No horses there now, so there are no rides.  Although I was never a horse person, seeing a sleigh or cutter always takes me back to those rides.  Sweet memories.  Added note --- yesterday, an Amish neighbor went by in a cutter almost identical to the one we had on the farm. 

Project # 1 for 2017 was a bit of a Christmas left over and it was another panel.  Although it has Christmas red and green colors, they are more subdued and the message on the panel is WINTER GARDEN DREAMS and FEED THE BIRDS.  I had a perfect spot for this panel, but I could not add qanything to its width, so I simply quilted it, added a couple 3-d decorations, bound it and hung it.  This panel really gave me some neat areas to practice free motion quilting and I was pleased with the results. With cardinals and a deer, this is perfect for Wisconsin winters.  By the way, the photo makes it look like the paenl is crooked and it really isn't.

Last is a small lap quilt in tumbler blocks.  This went together very fast and I was happy with the
results.  It is quilted by using decorative stitches along the seam lines and then meandering in the purple sashing.  This will be a donation somewhere. Lots of small pieces used, but many more left!
My next project is not sewing, but going through my whole fabric stash to reorganize.  I already spent an hour and a half and sorted through one small storage basket.  Ideas for new small projects already running through my mind. These scraps need to be put to use.  On to writing a book review and then back to the scrap piles!!


  1. You have been very productive this year! I have a project waiting to try free motion quilting but haven't been in the sewing room (except for a quick kilt for Logan at Christmas) since before December. My sister, Julie, gave me a box of ties from her deceased father-in-law and has tasked me to do something creative with them.

  2. They are beautiful! You are very talented.