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Scripture Doodles by April Knight

Image result for april knight scripture doodleEven in my wildest dreams, I am not an artist.  No one has ever called me that, and I doubt that anyone ever will.  That gene and the musical one did not make into my genetic map!! Still, I am a doodler and evidence of that could be found across all my high school, college, and grad school notebooks, if I still had them, that is!  Agendas from decades of teachers' meetings would show the same, but alas those have been long tossed.  And I have been known to keep tiny grandkids amused with my renderings of silly animals and outrageous bald headed men.  Then last year, I jumped on the adult coloring craze which I find most relaxing, but really don't allow myself to do very often.
And for the longest time, my thoughts would flow most readily when writing in long hand, not on the computer.  Often those thoughts began as a sentence or two (or even a few fragments) on a scrap piece of paper, and ended up morphing into the assigned paper.

Why all that personal sharing?  I wanted to set the stage for why I was attracted to April Knight's two new devotional books: Scripture Doodles, God's Promises and Scripture Doodles, a Six Week Devotional Experience. Both begin with several pages of basic instruction on how to use a visual devotional book. Really there is no right or wrong way; those instruction pages are really encouragement and creativity driven.  The rest of the books are set up with a devotional page including key Bible verses and directions (creative prompts) for the following doodling page.  The devotional page and the doodling page always have April Knight's own art to start the creative juices flowing.   These devotional journals provide an opportunity to connect with God's word through your own drawing, coloring, and written words.  Just as God does not expect a literary masterpiece when we pray, he is not expecting that we fill the pages with Renaissance-quality art, but that we take the time to express our feelings and move closer to understanding his will for our lives.

I received copies of these two books from Litfuse for my honest review.  I plan to gift at least one of them to a daughter in law so she can share it with a nine year old granddaughter who I spied doodling the other day.  They may not have the time for these devotions 90 days consecutively, but over the year I think they will find using the book together very meaningful.

More about April Knight and her works"

about ScriptureDoodle God’s Promises}

ScriptureDoodle God’s Promises: A Six-Week Devotional Experience (David C. Cook, December 2016)
Some of the most incredible stories in the Bible are of God’s promises and faithfulness to His children.
ScriptureDoodle God’s Promises refreshes believers who are feeling burned out or stuck in a rut in their relationship with God. Each of the creative worship prompts in this interactive guide includes biblical encouragement and ideas for worship through art. Artist April Knight includes creative lettering tips, color ideas, and completed examples to inspire readers to respond to promises in Scripture related to trust, faith, and the power of God’s Word in all circumstances.
This unique blend of Bible study and creative expression provides the opportunity to connect with God as Creator in a new, life-changing way.
Learn more and purchase a copy.
April Knight

{More About April Knight}

April Knight is a worship artist based in Asheville, North Carolina. Knight’s work includes live worship painting and leading ScriptureDoodle workshops online and at conferences and retreats around the country and internationally. Her family of four is her greatest joy, along with serving alongside her husband at their local church.
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For your entertainment, a video clip about the devotional. If you look quickly you can get an idea of the layout of the books.

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