Saturday, November 19, 2016


Image result for ace collins the most wonderful time of the yearAce Collins, author of more than 60 books, has written a countdown book which delivers 31 short devotionals, each accompanied by the story of a Christmas carol and a simple craft or food gift. Pampering those you love is the theme behind each gift idea, and the stories behind the hymns are ones you probably do not know, but the strongest section are the uplifting and encouraging devotionals.  Most of us, especially moms, are so busy during the Christmas season that any new task can be a burden. Don't look at Collins' book as one more thing to get done; instead see it as a well deserved break.  Read it while having a cup of tea or cocoa.  Share the message by reading it out loud with an older child, or savor the quiet time alone. I guarantee Collin's thoughts and observations will
help you see this Christmas season in the right light, and that might just make the next few weeks go more smoothly.  Even the tiresome task of Christmas cards could have new meaning after you read the December 13th entry.  Collins encourages us to revive the card habit, but instead of sending that accompanying "family brag" letter, he suggests that we follow Paul's example and take time to thank each recipient for what they have meant in our life.  What a powerful, simple gift. Whether you make one or all or none of the homemade gift ideas in this book, whether you sing any or all of the songs mentioned, you will be glad you spent time with Ace Collins; THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR.
I received a copy of this book from Litfuse.  All opinions are mine.

Following Ace Collins' advice about Christmas cards, I want to stop and thank anyone and everyone who stops by this little site and reads my reviews.  I look at this endeavor as a way to keep my writing and thinking skills a bit sharper.  Writing (reports, essays, tests, graduate school papers, articles, reviews) was an important part of my job and so was teaching of writing.  Being able to continue to use those skills a bit is a joy.  That anyone would stop by and read what I write is unbelievable.  Thanks again!

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