Monday, October 3, 2016

Love's Faithful Promise by Susan Anne Mason

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Life has been quite busy - who ever said retirement is a slower pace-- and I have been quite lax in both reading and posting reviews.  I managed to squeeze in reading Susan Anne Mason's latest book while at the cabin this weekend between multiple rounds of Word brain, Skipbo, Apple to Apples, and Boogle with two of the grandkids.  Plus, I cooked the meals including a chicken roasted over the campfire in a dutch oven and played fetch the tennis ball with their lab Lady.  Just in case you're wondering, I was the one who threw the ball; Lady did the fetching.  So without saying anymore, you know this book was a good read; otherwise I would have found too many opportunities not to pick it up.

Dr. Matthew Claybourne's injuries from the Great War have, for the most part, diminished to a mere limp, but hidden beneath his professional expertise and promise is a wounded man, a single father who feels he must protect his four year old daughter from all harm and certainly from from any germs that might threatened her weakened constitution.  When he receives a visit from the energetic, Deidre O'Leary requesting that he try his innovative physical therapy methods on her mother, who has residual paralysis from her recent stroke, the doctor at first refuses.  But when his daughter's doctor suggests some time in a country setting may be good for the young girl's lungs, Matthew changes his mind, leaves behind his Canadian practive and travels to Irish Meadows outside New York.

Deidre, a medical student herself, has left her classes to help with her mother's therapy.  Soon she finds herself attracted to the quiet, withdrawn doctor whose methods seem so promising.  And the large brood of O'Leary nieces and nephews soon have little Phoebe  running outdoors, playing with puppies and wishing for a pony.  And Deidre finds herself caring for the little girl almost as she is attracted to the father.  When Matthew shares his declaration that he will never marry again, Deidre's hope for romance is crushed.  Meanwhile her brother Connor, working as the horse farm's foreman and trainer, has a new hire, a young man who seems able to handle a temperamental stallion whose owners want him ready to race within months.  When Connor learns that the young man is hiding his true identity, Connor must decide whether to keep "Jo's" secret and keep the "lad" on or fire the worker.

This is the third and final book in the Courage to Dream trilogy, a series which has kept my interest throughout all three books. As is noted on Susan Anne Mason's website, these are romance books with a "sprinkle of faith." Nothing unpredictable here in the plot, but I really enjoyed the book and the fast pace that I could read.  The O'Leary family was an endearing family, and I am sad that their tales are done.  I received an ecopy of this title from Netgalley for my honest review. 

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