Monday, October 31, 2016

40 Days to a Joyful Motherhood:Devotions and Coloring Book to Nourish Mom by Sarah Humphrey

Did you join the coloring craze last winter?  I did.  Like many libraries, our Mill Pond library held a mini-class for adults on this seemingly easy pastime.  I had always liked coloring, never even minded joining the granddaughters as they colored Strawberry Shortcake or Hello Kitty pages, so I was delighted to discover that whole books were being printed for adults.  I was even more overjoyed when I found that Christian publishers were putting together coloring books.  I liked the inspiring quotes and coordinating pictures to color much better than some of the psychedelic offerings at the big box stores.  So I was not surprised when a combination coloring book/devotion book came along.  Sarah Humphrey has written 40 encouraging devotions about topics dear to mothers' hearts: self-care, self-acceptance, generosity, forgiveness, and the challenges of family life.  Coupled with each devotion is a simple prayer and a full page image to color.  Some of the images include scripture or inspiring quotes, but not all do.  Many of the images are quite simple and will not require much time to color. Other pages offer space for simple journaling as well as coloring. I like to imagine a mother taking the time to read the devotion, then taking a few minutes to contemplate the devotion as she colors.  We really do process better when we are relaxed and coloring is supposed to enhance relaxation, so it makes sense to couple coloring with reflections about a daily devotion, then ending the brief quiet time with a simple prayer.  And we all know that mothers, if they ever get quiet time, have only a few moments of it!!

I received a copy of this devotional coloring book from Litfuse.  This review reflects my personal opinions.

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