Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A bit of summer sewing

Wow! It's already August 24th.  Where has the summer gone?  I certainly have not spent much time
in the sewing room.  I did manage to make a few donation items, but no way did I accomplish what I thought I would.  I dashed off a few "pillowcase" dresses (sundresses that tie across the neckline) to be sent to Haiti via a church project in Green Bay, and while at the cabin I managed to make some "string" blocks that I used in a bright pink lap quilt that will be donated to a different project.
On the sold pink squares, I machine embroidered a series of silly farm designs.  The scenes come from an embroidery pack I purchased several years ago and were designed for a week of towels.  Each embroidery features a cute pig and cat doing the farm chores, along with the farm cow.  I especially like the design meant for Sunday -- it is the day of rest, and the animals are enjoying a leisurely picnic. 
String lap quilt

Embroidered farm scences

Weeding in the garden

Did not get as much sewing done in winter as I thought I would.  Did some in spring, but not as much as I would have liked.  Summer flew by and fall is approaching.  Wonder what I will accomplish!!
I do not understand how some people turn out new quilt tops almost every week!! 
Little pillowcase dresses.  So easy and fun to make.

The yellow dress is made from a hand appliqued vintage pillowcase.

The gold and blue dress is made from a pillowcase with colorful fish.
Bright colors will be so much fun to wear

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  1. Love the dresses! They are so cute and will be loved by some little girl. I like your farm embroidery too :)
    I finished a quilt top that I'm hoping to take a class on long arm quilting with. Working on another for Logan for Christmas that is a Rice University top. Thanks for sharing love to see what comes out of the sewing room!