Thursday, July 7, 2016

Mermaid Moon by Colleen Coble

Mermaid Moon (A Sunset Cove Novel Book 2)Colleen Coble again lives up to her reputation as a master of suspense and romance in MERMAID MOON, the latest addition to the Sunset Cove series.  The coastal Maine setting has just the right feel for a summer beach read, and although reading THE INN AT OCEAN'S EDGE first would be a good idea, it is not necessary.  But then,if you do, you'll read each so fast it will seem like one seamless read.

Mallory Davis, a single mom of a fourteen year old, has not returned to her childhood home Mermaid Point since she fled there fifteen years earlier, but when she receives a cryptic phone call from her father which ends in silence, she immediately seeks help from Kevin O'Connor, her childhood boyfriend. Now a game warden, Kevin often helps the sheriff in the small Mermaid Point community, and he rushes to Mallory's dad's boat to find him dead.  Within hours, Mallory's home is invaded and when she travels back to the island, so is her father's home, making the two consider that foul play may have caused her father's death.  As they begin to investigate, more questions arise than are answered.

Kevin convinces Mallory and her daughter to stay in Mermaid Point where he can protect them, and as the two try to unravel her father's last phone message, the pair reconnect and try to put aside past hurts.  Coble says in an afterward she wanted to write a novel about second chances and the book offers not only Mallory and Kevin's second chance at love, but there are several subplots that which also feature second chances.  As always Coble's tale moves ahead at a fast pace, but not one that rushes frantically from one place to another.  Readers have the time to process what is happening and to make predictions; then they will want to hurriedly read on to find the truth. I enjoyed MERMAID MOON and look forward to Coble's next novel in the series.  I received a copy of this title from Book Look for my honest review.

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