Friday, June 10, 2016

Traces of Guilt:An Evie Blackwell Cold Case by Dee Henderson

Traces of GuiltEvie Blackwell, an Illinois State Police detective, has the unique ability to detach herself from the emotions of a crime and objectively look at evidence, which makes her an ideal candidate to work on the new governor's cold case task force.  Before the new group's existence is even announced Evie travels to Carin County to begin work on two cases, both over a decade old.  A good friend and former police officer, Ann Falcon also comes to Carin to share news of Evie's work with the county sheriff, Gabriel Thane.  It turns out that Ann knows all three of the Thane brothers: Gabriel, Josh, and Will and has significant news (and potential problems) for each of them.

Dee Henderson is well known for her writing which combine the thrill of crime novels with strong depictions of family loyalty and love. She's among a very select group of Christian crime/thriller authors that I consistently like their works.  In TRACES OF GUILT, Ann Falcon presents an almost "all seeing" aura as she reveals deeply held secrets to each of the Thane brothers and then provides personal support for them and the two women who need her help to share their secrets. Evie's procedures sheds a light on what must be going on in dozen of cold case forces across the country; her constant questions and insights give us a different kind of thriller.  There are no chase scenes or gun fights in the present story of TRACES OF GUILT; instead, we have the careful unraveling of old secrets and misconstrued happenings.  Fans of Henderson's other books will want to read this one. I received a copy of this book from FAMILY CHRISTIAN BOOKS for my honest review.  Interested readers can purchase a copy at  

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