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Through the ShadowsTHROUGH THE SHADOWS by Karen Barnett is the third book in GOLDEN GATE CHRONICLES series; last year I reviewed BEYOND THE ASHES and was delighted that Litfuse gave me the opportunity to review the third book in the series.  Two years after the devastating earthquake, San Francisco is in the midst of legal battles over investments lost, at the same time it
is working to rebuild into a better, more modern city.  While the flurry of activity screams new life, old, destructive ways continue, especially among the brothels of Chinatown and the crooked offices of city officials.  Elizabeth King, younger sister to Ruby King of BEYOND THE ASHES, moves to San Francisco to help Donaldina Cameron with the Presbyterian Mission which rescues young Chinese girls tricked into sex slavery.  Miss King's own past holds a dark secret, and she hopes that she can start anew in the bustling city, but when Charles McKinley, a young attorney keeps bumping into her, she fears that the attraction he professes will be shattered if he ever learned the truth about her past.

Through Elizabeth's story, readers learn about Chinatown, the good and the bad.  Charles's days in court gives us a similar view of the legal system that drives the city's recovery.  This book is rich in historical detail and the characters themselves are deeply drawn.  You will be given glimpses of high ideals and the people who work to make them realities and will be taken to scenes where greed and evil breed.  Elizabeth and Charles must navigate the world between the two.   While this book is part of a series, it can be read alone.  It will take a bit before a reader will understand Elizabeth's "secret past" but it will be explained, and really the unknowing is not a problem.   Characters who took main stage in the first two books appear in secondary, but essential, roles in this title.  Like I so often do, I recommend that a new reader to this series, obtain all three books at once and then devour the series.
I believe when you do that, you will most appreciate the story of the Kings and the historic time period of the San Francisco earthquake.

I received a copy of this title from Litfuse for my honest review.

Karen Barnett


Karen Barnett is the author of “Beyond the Ashes,” “Out of the Ruins,” and “Mistaken.” Named the 2013 Writer of Promise by Oregon Christian Writers, Karen lives in Albany, Oregon, with her husband and two kids. When she’s not writing novels, she loves speaking at women’s events, libraries, and book clubs.
Find out more about Karen athttp://karenbarnettbooks.com.

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