Friday, May 6, 2016

A Broken Kind of Beautiful by Katie Ganshert

Model Ivy Clark has risen to the top of the fashion industry, but now at age 24, it seems the only place to go is downward.  When her father's widow offers Ivy an escape from New York city and an opportunity to model for a wedding magazine spread, Ivy's agent since age 14 (also her uncle) sends her to take the job.  Readers will quickly see that Ivy has an unloved (or so she thinks) child hidden inside her beautiful body, and that her tough fashion-world savvy demeanor is barely skin deep.  Davis Knight, once a rising photographer, is summoned to do the photo shoot for his aunt (Ivy's step mother) and he sees just as quickly as the reader that Ivy is not the tough cookie she appears to be. That does not prevent the two from having a rocky relationship from the start, partly because both have secrets and hurts that they want to keep hidden.

I don't usually gravitate to contemporary Christian novels with such a young cast, but I wanted to give this title a try.  It was an entertaining read while offering some good lessons on brokenness, and finding a way to wholeness.  You'll quickly identify Davis as the "good guy" in this title, but surprisingly he has a few lessons to learn also, mostly about forgiving oneself. The most lovely part of this book is Marilyn, the stepmother's story, and her unconditional love for Ivy.

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