Monday, April 4, 2016

Would a Worm Go on a Walk written by Hannah C. Hall and illustrated by Bill Bolton

Hannah C. Hall, Bill Bolton, and Worthy Kids have partnered to publish a bright, colorful children's book just right for spring.  It begins with a two page spread showing a pair of children's feet wearing purple tennis shoes and a smaller earthworm wearing red sneakers amidst colorful dandelions.  The question for those first pages, "Would a worm go on a walk if you could lead him down the street?" After another page of questions about the worm, the answer is "No, no matter how he tries, worms weren't made for walking and they don't like exercise."  The question/answer format continues with different animals, silly questions, and delightful illustrations, all building to the main idea that each animal was formed on purpose by God, each with its own uniqueness.  The story ends with the little girl with purple shoes holding a dandelion sitting on a rock, learning that God's masterpiece is her (or the child reading the book).

This book would be a wonderful addition to a church's nursery, youngest Sunday school class, or children's library.  I believe books make wonderful baby shower gifts, and while most people give board books, I think hardcover picture books are the start to creating a life long reader.  Spring flowers and green grass dance off the pages of this book, guaranteeing smiles on the listeners' faces. I think this title will find a new home at my granddaughter's Christian daycare where it can be enjoyed for many springs to come.  I received a copy of this book form Worthy Publishing and First Look bloggers for review purposes.

Check out Hannah C. Hall's website to learn more about her writing.

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