Monday, April 18, 2016

Wonderful time in Branson

Last week we spent four days in Branson (and two traveling) with our eldest son's in-laws and had a great time. This makes our fourth trip to Branson, and if Russ had his way, we would already be planning the next.  I must confess that I would not balk at the idea; there are still many shows that we have not seen, and we have not made it to Silver Dollar City or Branson Landing yet.

We saw five shows and could have easily fit in several more, but we wanted to lunch at the  Keeter Center at the College of the Ozarks and show George and Liz the campus. Perhaps you've heard of the college as Work U; students who attend this school have their tuition (not room and board) covered by working on the campus.  One of the main attractions is the big Keeter Center, a conference center with a huge dining facility.  Many of the breads and pastries come from flour milled right there, and the milk and pork are from the school's own farms. Russ bought some pancake mix from their mill, and I bought a bottle of pear honey salad dressing made in the kitchens that make jellies, jams, salad dressings, and fruitcake.

 The weather in Missouri was as near perfect as I could want it.  I was neither hot nor cold, and although it rained most of the trip down, it was dry while we were there. Redbuds and other spring trees were in bloom and pansies blossomed all around the condo and the town.  But back to the shows.  I won't name them all, but want to mention two.  First, like 2,180 other vacationers we spent Tuesday afternoon at the Sight and Sound theater watching Moses.  What a spectacular production- chariots, burning bush, blood on the doorposts, angel of death, and the parting of the sea.  We've been to the S and S theater before to see JONAH.  While MOSES was is one of the most important stories in the Jewish and Christian faith, I believe the theatrical play JONAH and its special effects of the storm on the ship and the whale was designed just a bit better than the special effects of MOSES.  But then parting the sea is quite difficult to translate to a stage production.  If you've never been to the Sight and Sound theater, I recommend it; there is one in Pennsylvania as well as Missouri.

The other show that I will mention was on the opposite end of the spectrum.  No special effects or large cast.  TWICE ADOPTED is a show featuring 7 siblings who sing.  They come from a family of either 9 or 10 adopted kids, most from Guatemala and Peru.  Really most of them are now adults but they perform as a family still.  The twice adopted refers to their legal adoption by their parents (mother sadly died in 2014 from a blood infection) and then their adoption into the family of God.
Two of the sisters with very strong voices were the main performers with the one brother who is still with the group adding several numbers.  This was a refreshing wholesome show.  I had heard of them before and always wanted to see them.  I also now have a CD so I can listen to them again and again.

It was a great time and I liked that again we traveled during a time that was not the prime summer rush.  Despite the light crowds, we ran into many Wisconsin people including 5 couples that live nearby.  One couple George and Liz knew and another couple Russ and I knew.  Small world, or maybe lots of Wisconsin people were trying to escape our weird April.  The 11+ hour drive home (which turned into over twelve because we stopped at a slow, slow restaurant for lunch) was an exhausting day, but we chose not to break it into two days of driving because Russ and George had a concert on Sunday; they both sing in the Friesland Men's Chorus.  I am delighted that we came home to warmer weather, blooming daffodils, and green grass.  I've been busy out in the garden beds, cleaning away dead debris.  As much as I would love to spend the whole day out there, I have to limit my time in the sun because of a med I take, and I also have quite a few book reviews coming up.
So I will work out there in spurts and then read some each day.  Hopefully I can get in the sewing room again, too.  

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  1. I love Branson too! We were last there for Sindy's 50th birthday, three years ago. Although spring showed up here before the end of March we often get a freeze around April 15th so I planted two of my backyard pots just this past weekend. I discovered the author Harlan Coben two weeks ago and have been burning through his books. Not sure what caught my eye but I like his writing style. Enjoy the spring, I look forward to seeing what comes out of the sewing room. :)