Saturday, April 16, 2016

Greater Love: A tides of truth novel by Robert Whitlow

Greater LoveWritten by Robert Whitlow, a practicing attorney, GREATER LOVE is a contemporary Christian novel (Book Three of A Tides of Truth series) centered on Tami Taylor who has just finished law school.  Now she must decide if she will accept a job with the prestigious law firm where she had interned or accept a much less certain future by joining two other woman just starting a law practice.  Now I can't say too much more about that without slipping in spoilers, but I will say Tami looks to her parents for advice and also considers the counsel of a Sister Dabney, a colorful street preacher, whose odd pronouncements seem to become sage truth.  After Tami passes the bar exam, selects a job, and begins work, she is assigned a pro bono job defending a young girl accused of burglary.  Within minutes, Tami can tell that Jessie is hiding something, including her true identity and age, but Tami cannot get her to open up.  But Tami is able to get Jessie a safe place to stay, at the same home where Tami herself is staying-- the home of an elderly woman who sometimes needs looking after.  It is when Jessie cares for Mrs. Fairmont that the young woman begins to learn trust.

GREATER LOVE is the third book in the series A TIDES OF TRUTH which all feature Tami Taylor.  I've never read the first two, but I would recommend that anyone interested in Whitlow's work read the books in order.  I missed out on the complete explanation regarding Tami's ultra-conservative mountain family and her work at the large law firm which earned her a super opportunity with the firm right out of law school.  I also missed the beginnings of her relationship with the young lawyer Zach who accepts her strict views and agrees to an old fashioned courting relationship.  But there is also Vince, a law student who is clearly interested in Tami.  I never quite understood how close these two were and what had brought them together since that happened in either DEEPER WATER or HIGHER HOPE, but I was able to follow the action of this book and just accepted that Vince and Tami had some type of history.  This book read a little slower than most legal novels I've read including one I've read by Robert Whitlow; however, I must confess while I read this one, I was also preparing for a vacation.  Let's just fault my concentration level, not Whitlow's writing for the slow pace.

GREATER LOVE was published in 2009.  Since then Whitlow has written LIFE SUPPORT, WATER'S EDGE, THE CHOICE, THE LIVING ROOM, THE CONFESSION, and A HOUSE DIVIDED.  I've read WATER'S EDGE and recommend it, and I am quite sure I also read THE CONFESSION but cannot find a review.  When I have a break from other reading commitments, I will finding copies of his other works.  

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