Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Embarrassing moment sure to be a lifelong grandpa memory

One never knows when or how a lifelong memory will be made.  When I answered the phone Sunday night and told our 8 year old granddaughter that I would pick her up after school on Monday, I certainly did not think she would leave our house with a story that she is sure to be telling for years.
About 4:10 yesterday, I picked her up from her auntie's house and brought her to our place. Back here by 4:35.  While she wrote out her spelling words, I finished making our supper.  We were on a tight timeline.  We needed to eat and then she needed to change clothes for her spring school concert.  We needed to be at the school (15 minute drive plus time for parking and getting into the school) before 5:50.  Her cousin Ethan's kindergarten portion of the concert started at 6 and we needed to be in our seats.  So after we ate (about 5:15-5:20) I told her to get dressed.  When I looked a minute or so later, (as I was filling out two fundraiser forms for her) I saw her looking around the great room with a puzzled look on her face.  I inquired if she was looking for her clothes, and she said she was, but could not find them.  She told me she had already checked the car and they weren't there.  She had also checked the downstairs family room.

Now when I picked her up, she had a backpack, a lunch bag, and a plastic grocery bag,  I figured her clothes and shoes were in the plastic bag.  I checked everywhere she had checked and was beginning to panic when I suddenly realized that Grandpa had gathered all the garbage right before supper and taken the big garbage can to the curb for Tuesday pick up.  Like many people, I line our small wastebaskets with grocery bags.  He had gathered several of those, tied them up, and taken them to the large trashbin.  As he was doing that, I had yelled to him that I had already emptied the kitchen trash (meaning I had taken it all the way to the big trash bin).  He must have thought I meant that I had set a bag by the entry steps and he grabbed the bag of clothes/shoes, neatly tied shut) and dumped them in the trash.  Thankfully that lightbulb went off and I asked him if he had taken a bag from near the steps.  "Yep," he answered. "Well, get up off the couch, and go out to the curb.  You thew away her dress!"

He was able to locate the bag and disaster was adverted.  The clothes were still clean, and to our granddaughter's glee, not stinky!! But she had some sage words of advice to Grandpa.  "Next time, peek in the bag before you throw it away!"  And she assured him that someday she will tell her grandchildren about the time Grandpa threw away her good concert clothes along with the trash!

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  1. Ha Ha, too cute! Good on Grandpa for being efficient at taking out the trash! :)