Saturday, March 19, 2016

Time in the sewing room

Spring promises its return, but mixed between the warm days have been some rainy ones and now a multi-day cold spell is upon us.  So I've put dreams of gardens aside for a bit and pushed through some sewing projects.  First up is a small table topper made from scraps.  I used a FRONT PORCH QUILTS' pattern called TABLE SCRAPS, but modified the center so I could use an embroidery design.  In this pattern, three paper template wedges are from each 5 inch square.  I found this topper goes together quickly and uses up scraps.  A decorative center and fancy stitches outlining each wedge (doesn't show up for photo) made this a fun project to plan and complete. The finished size is 14 inches, a bit small for a true topper, but just fine for a small side table.

Earlier this year, I posted photos of a donation quilt I made using large bricks of reds and browns featuring a farm print I had.  Like all projects, that one left behind some scraps and by adding a bit of other fabric, I had the makings for two more donation lap quilts.  Both used a new plastic template I bought at THE WELCOME HOME, a quilt store in Portage, WI.  (Side note:I've joined a group there that has does mini-lessons and projects each month.  Some are sewing related, while others are embroidery themed.  Last month we made Easter applique towels or scarves.  The store staff there is super nice, and for a small space, they offer a lot)  Back to the template; it is called FAB FIVE and it is a wedge-type ruler.  A pattern for a pillow comes with it, plus there is a book of patterns which feature quilts made with rows of the wedges, set off by strips, and featuring one wide appliqued strip.
I decided to make a quilt similar to the book, except I would use a wide strip of my farm fabric rather than an appliqued strip.  Since this was a scrappy quilt, I needed to improvise on the narrow strips and could not make them all the same color.  Did not have enough fabric for that.  I like my results.  The wide farm strip is free motion quilted and the wedges showcase decorative stitches.
Close up of the farm prin

Nice size for a nap on the couch

The quilt sewed together so fast that I found I had cut more wedges than I needed, so I cut some more and added more neutrals and stitched up the flimsy for a smaller wheel chair-sized lap quilt.  I make finish this off next week, or I may set it aside while I work on some spring embroidery projects.  I think I will make a scrappy backing for this quilt, as I do not want to have to buy more fabric in the browns.  Doesn't this version look like rows of ties?  Haven't decided how I will quilt this one.  I want to work on my free motion skills, but not sure if this is the right project for that.

Happy sewing.  And to my confusion, I have to confess that my scrap pile is now even bigger and I have some more leftover brown/farm/red bricks to use up. What will I do with them?  Stay tuned.


  1. I think these all look great! Love the spring colors on the table topper. Do you have an embroidery machine? I am STILL working on my Row By Row from last summer but I'm happy to say all the rows are complete and I'm getting them assembled. A quilt store in town is offering long arm quilting lessons and rental time. A co-worker has already done this and I am anxious to give it a try. We, too, are experiencing a cool spell but it wasn't enough to keep us out of the yard today. We are going to do some repairs to the back fence and needed to remove a raised garden we'd built in the alley. The cool weather was welcome after that heavy work. Have a super weekend!

    1. I am interested in seeing your Row by Row. I have never done one but quilt shops here and around the country are giving patterns for one row. Yes, I have an embroidery machine. When I got it, embroidery on clothes was much more popular than now, but I really enjoy using it. We're enjoying having your folks back here.