Saturday, March 5, 2016

Cozy Mystery Time

If you have stopped by this blog more than a time or two, you know that I enjoy a cozy mystery now and again.  Now, I certainly can't take a constant diet of them, and if you are one of the many readers who read them constantly, please excuse that statement.  It's just the rational part of me (the part that has to be put away to even start reading or watching cozy mysteries) keeps saying, "Why are there always murders wherever she goes?  Why doesn't everybody just avoid her??

Anyway, I recently started a new-to-me mystery series set in Wisconsin's Door County by Christine DeSmet.  Fudge and Door County, what's not to like?  For some reason I had some trouble getting into the story.  It did seem a bit disjointed at the beginning and I could not get a grasp on the characters.  But I am going to place the majority of blame on myself. I only read this book at night and I was reading it on my Nook tablet and my eyes just didn't like the type, despite attempts to adjust it. Besides I was trying to multi-task and watch television also. My eyes and brain said no, so  I only read a few pages at a time and  then gave up to watch television instead. Finally one evening, I gave the book more attention and got caught up in the last third of the book.  I can see threads of story that will continue and that I will like: a high functioning autistic teen who works at the fudge shop; Eva.the fudge shop owner herself and her side kick gal pals; her handsome ex who is trying to win her affections again; and a couple other possible suitors.  I especially liked her spunky grandparents who run the bait shop, and her ex's dog who seems to have the run of the entire village.  Just like the real Door County, this fictional town on Wisconsin's touristy "thumb" has strived to keep its heritage which stems from the Belgians and Norwegians who settled there.  I got this book for my Nook through Wisconsin Public Library Consortium/Overdrive, and I plan to read the rest of the series.  Next time though, I think I will have some fudge on hand when I read.

I've written about Isabella Alan's Amish Quilt Shop Mysteries before.  I like to listen to these while I sew, and again, because  I borrow the titles from WPLC/Overdrive, I need to put my name on the wait/hold list and download them as they become available.  That means I have not gotten the books in order.  MURDER, PLAIN AND SIMPLE is actually the first book, but I had already listened to two other books when I got this one.  In the first book of a series, especially a cozy mystery series, the author lays a lot of ground work, and then in later books refers back to that information.  That means I already knew quite a bit about Angie Braddock, her tuxedo bull dog, and the quilt shop she inherited from her Amish aunt when I started listening and had to have all that revealed again. But even so, I enjoyed the story and will be waiting for a chance to listen to the last two books and maybe even read the prequel novella that has just been published.

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