Sunday, February 7, 2016

Travelers Rest by Ann Tatlock

Travelers Rest by Ann TatlockJane Morrow is house sitting for the summer, not so much to help her Europe-bound friends, but more so that Jane can be near her fiancee.  What should be those happy months right before the most wonderful moment of her life have become days of confusion, waiting, and despair.  Seth, once a gifted carpenter with the softest heart now lays paralyzed from the neck down after being hit by a sniper's bullet in Iraq.  Now state side and stabilized, Seth has asked Jane to stay away and to forget him; neither wish can she honor.  But she soon finds that the Seth in the military hospital is NOT the Seth she has known since childhood.  She asks God for help, but is not sure what help she really seeks; and knowing that her faith has never been strong, she wonders if he will answer at all.

The summer days pass as she and Seth tread new waters and while at the hospital Jane becomes close to two others. Truman lives in the community quarters of the hospital; a retired doctor and black, Truman's life has been shaped by one decision made decades before.  He's certain that it is too late to be forgiven, but then he meets Jane, who without realizing it, may have a key to the past.  Jane also meets Jon-Paul , a handsome lawyer who often comes to the hospital to play piano for the vets.  It is only after closely watching him play does Jane realize that Jon-Paul is blind.  TRAVELERS REST will grab at your heart as you realize that God may answer prayers in ways we do not consider.  This is a book about unexpected changes, life's deepest hurts, and paths to being whole.  Ann Tatlock is a sensitive author and I've enjoyed each of her books.  TRAVELERS REST was published in 2012  and was a 2013 Selah Award Finalist.  I wish I could say that no fiancee or wife or soldier today was faced with the circumstances that Seth and Jane faced in this novel.  Sadly fiction is often too close to truth, and I am afraid this may be true of this plot.

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  1. I've had this book on my Kindle for a while now. I'll have to move it up in the queue! Thanks for reviewing. 😀