Monday, February 15, 2016

Thin Ice by Irene Hannon

Thin IceChristy Reed has long ago put her Olympic skating dreams behind her and settled into an after-competition lifestyle in Irene Hannon's new novel THIN ICE.  Then both her parents die in a freak car accident, and within months, her sister dies in a house fire, leaving Christy coping with the losses.  Slowly the young woman begins to get a handle on the grief when a strange envelope arrives in the mail -- an envelope seemingly addressed by her sister after the fire.  Fighting an urge to rip it open, Christy contacts the FBI, and a rookie agent takes the call.  Agent Lance McGregor is actually on his first week at the St. Louis office, but as a former Delta Force operative, he is not a true rookie.  When it appears that Christy's sister might still be alive and a kidnapping victim, Lance must identify whose body was discovered in that house fire, find a motive for a kidnapping, find the sister's captor, and above all keep Christy safe.

Irene Hannon shows again that she can pack layers of intrigue and thriller action right along a developing family story and that expected romance story. Plus she can create a villian that will make you shudder.  THIN ICE is the second in the MEN OF VALOR series which features the McGregor brothers, three of America's elite servicemen.  I started THIN ICE on Saturday reading at a leisurely pace, and while definitely interested I did not feel compelled to finish it in one sitting.  Then yesterday, I was a bit under the weather and started reading again so I would not overdose on television and facebook.  Before I knew it, I was at the last scene, out in the cold -- on thin ice.  Well done, Hannon.   I received a copy of this title from REVELL READS for my honest opinion.  All opinions are mine.

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