Sunday, February 21, 2016

Some spring projects to pass the winter away

Been doing a bit of donation sewing  in spring colors to pass the winter days away.  As I have mentioned before I like making "string" squares and then devise creative ways to use them.  I've also started using larger scraps to make 5 inch squares which get sewed together on two sides and then cut in the middle to make strips called piano keys.  I've got some photos to show what I've been up to.
First, a bag of scraps.  These scraps are tiny, using about 2 inches by 6 inches or even smaller.  Called strings, these get sewn on the diagonal on a foundation piece of muslin or sheeting cut in squares slightly larger than the final square size.  One the foundation piece is completely covered, I square it up.
Notice that this bag of scraps is almost full.  Well, it was that way before I started my projects and it seems that I really did not make much of dent into the pile.  So more string projects are on the horizon sometime in the future.  I've got to get these used up, but I am afraid I create more scraps with each project than what I use.  Confess up, other sewers, isn't that the truth?

 A close-up of the embroidery for the center of the table runner.
The table runner is made mostly of assorted blue and pink strings.  The outside binding and strips were from a larger piece of pink left from another project.  
The pillow is made from similar scraps, only they were large enough to cut 5 inch squares which I then made into "piano keys"  Added decorative stitching on keys and used another embroidered center.  It's a very plump and cheery pillow. Finished the pillow is about 14 inches square.

Lavender, yellow, and green scraps were used to make a small table runner, a hot pad, and two towels.

I used simple strips of varying widths to make two squares and then added an embroidered square in the middle.  I
just love this happy bunny in the sprinkling can.  The toweling is about the same weight as aida cloth but has a slightly different texture.  I can't remember where I got the fabric but used it all up on this project.  Again the seam lines have decorative top stitching in several patterns but the camera did not catch that.  Very simple projects and all are being donated.  Fun to make and hope someone appreciates them.  Now what can I do with that bag of tiny fabric strips?  Because there are more bags and boxes lurking around!!

While I was busy in the sewing studio, Russ has been finding his own projects.  The only one I am going to share is the story of a little drop leaf end table.  Many, many years ago my father was gifted a little drop leaf table by my great uncle Bill. Since Uncle Bill had made his living as a carpenter, I think perhaps he made it, but I don't know of him making any other furniture, so I am unsure.  Anyway my dad replicated the table without any pattern whatsoever and his table was a near match.  For many years, Mom and Dad had them in their living room on the farm, and they went to the apartment when the moved.  When Dad moved into the nursing home, the tiny table he made came to us.  Sadly, the pedestal and one of the feet had broken and could not be fixed.  Russ removed the drop leaf top and stored it in the garage.  After dad died, I brought home the other table, the one he'd inherited from Uncle Bill.  It is also in bad shape, but I found a spot for it in the sun room and have hopes to restore it.  This week Russ took the drop leaf top to a friend who constructed legs for it -- four straight legs, not a pedestal.  It looks wonderful.  Then Russ sanded the whole table and restained it.  He has it in his music room and uses it to hold his devotionals.  I especially like that he can put pens and such in tiny drawer.  As for the table in the sun room, I am now storing my colored pencils and coloring books for grownups in that drawer.  I promise I will show pictures of Russ's redo soon, but until then here is a photo of the table in the sunroom. The tables no longer match, but I am so happy to have the one my dad made restored.

Maybe, just maybe we will find enough projects to keep us busy and content until spring!

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