Friday, January 1, 2016

What ever happened to my sewing and reading challenges for 2015?

Way back last January I committed to three separate challenges -- two book challenges and one
sewing challenge.  Although I was busy sewing and reading all year long, I basically stuffed the printed copies of those challenge lists into my personal notebook and forgot about ever checking back on my progress.  I selected sewing projects the way I normally do, by happenstance inspiration, presence of materials, and other people's needs.  Today when I pulled out the 2015 Sewing Bucket List from Clare's Craftroom and Whipstitch and thought about what I had sewing in the last twelve months, I found that I had completed about 14 of the 17 items on the list .  I did not sew a dress or skirt for myself; and despite making many quilt blocks, I did not make any to exchange in a swap.  I don't design fabric, so making something out of fabric I designed was also left unchecked.  But I am wondering, I create fabric by piecing tiny pieces together, and then I use those larger pieces as if they were fabric.  Does that count?  It was fun, looking back at the challenge, but I feel bad that I did not let the list direct me into making some different choices.

On to the reading lists.  The Bethany House 2015 Reading Challenge was a grid of 16 different choices.  Looking back, out of the 110+ books I read this year, I could find titles that fit 14 of the criteria.  I did not reread a book that I loved as a child, and I did not read a classic that I had never read.  The Bringing Up Burns Challenge of 26 books was a little harder.  As I said before, I never really consulted the list after last January and I made my reading choices the same way I always do.
I read the new publications I was lucky enough to get the chance to review, my book club titles, and then picked books that interested me.  Checking back on the Burns Challenge, I could slot 19 titles into their categories, but left a few blank.  I did not finish a book that I had never finished; I seldom stop reading a book, so that would be difficult to fulfill.  I did not read a whole book of poetry, unless you count rhyming children's books.  I did read some poems this year, though.  I did not read a book that I was supposed to read in school, but never did.  Again, even back in school, I normally read what I was assigned.  And one of items on the Burns Challenge was to read a book with a blue cover.  Well, to be truthful, I can't remember the color of many of the book covers, and it seems that most books I've read have art on the covers.

Does anybody have any ideas for 2016 challenges?  I like the idea of a challenge, but then again I know that spontaneity, circumstance,  and serendipity are going to drive what I do anyhow!   Plus,
reading choices will be affected by reviewing opportunities, best sellers, and what my friends suggest.  And that fabric stash I have definitely has to take priority when picking new quilting projects.  May your endeavors this new year be exciting and fulfilling.

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