Saturday, December 5, 2015


The Christmas Joy RideI so want to be like the character Joy in Melody Carlson's new Christmas novella THE CHRISTMAS JOY RIDE.  A young 85 years old, Joy writes a Christmas blog/website, and now that she has sold her Chicago house to move to Tuscon, AZ, nearer her two sons, she has decided to make the trip west a special one.  She's loaded up the twenty-year-old RV she and her deceased husband loved with boxes of Christmas decorations and gifts.  She's held a special contest on her blog and has chosen a handful of winners to receive a special  "Joy-filled" Christmas.  Each winner is located somewhere near the old Route 66 path she plans to take to Tuscon.  Miranda, Joy's much younger next door neighbor is sorry to see the elderly woman move as the two have become close.  Miranda has helped Joy with her website, and Joy has helped Miranda cope with a lost job and failed marriage.  When Joy suggests that Miranda join her on the RV trip, Miranda knows there is nothing keeping her in Chicago.  Soon foreclosure will take her home, plus she feels that someone should accompany Joy who has not even let her sons know about the unique travel plans.  So just a week before Christmas, the two women depart, driving the cumbersome, aging, but brilliantly decorated RV, spreading cheer wherever they stop.

We are campers in our family, and I smile whenever I see a RV on the highway. For a few years we didn't have a camper (we have a small cabin now) but I missed it so much that this past year we again bought a camper.  The idea of a spunky 85 year old taking to the road in her motorhome is just delightful.  Of course, you know the trip in Carlson's book will be memorable, and not all sparkly fun. As the book blurb says, "Fasten your seatbelt, because it's going to be an exciting ride."  If you've got a reader, who is also a camper, on your Christmas list, why not get this book?
I received a copy of this title from Revell Reads for review purposes.

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  1. I loved this book. I'm like you - I want to be Joy too! Thanks for your review.