Friday, October 30, 2015

Tumbler lap quilt and new Packer fashion

A new dress for our youngest Packer fan.
A polo shirt was used for the top and I used a $1 embroidery design to give it some flair.

For several weeks I've been busy working on a laptop quilt which I will share in just a few minutes, but first I want to reveal a couple projects that I pushed out in just one afternoon and evening.  First, the Packer dress for our youngest Packer fan.  This is another of those fast, "be as creative as you want" dresses which start with a knit shirt.  This time it was a green polo shirt I found on the Target clearance rack.  The color seemed perfect for some Packer gear, so I purchased a small piece of Packer fabric on sale at JoAnn's.  I also got some gold fabric at the same time.  How I was going to combine them remained a bit of a dilemma. I almost chickened out on making this dress, thinking the print fabric was too bold.  Then I located a $1 helmet/football embroidery design from Embroidery Library.  I decided to stitch it out in Packer colors and even added a "G" on the helmet.  With the print skirt and gold band, the dress looks great, and it only took a little over a hour. to plan it all out and make it.  Hope Lizzie wears it.

The same day I made a hooded bath towel with ribbon trim, also for Lizzie's birthday.  Somehow I forgot to take a picture of it.  You can find oodles of tutorial videos online to explain how to do this.  You need one bath towel and one hand towel.  How you decorate it is totally your design.  I simply added sparkly ribbon on the hood.  Here is one of the tutorials that I watched   These are a great idea for younger kids for both bath time and beach time.  With the attached hood, you can get that drippy hair dried off while wrapping the kid in the big towel.  Plus the hood makes it easy to hang up the towel to dry and use again.
Instructions from Crafty Gemini

Now on to the biggest project, another lap quilt.  For this project I used the tumbler template for 5" squares from Missouri Star Quilt Company.  I bought the template when we visited there last December on our trip to Branson.  I love Jenny's videos and watched this one, even if I already knew how to use the template.  

For my quilt, I used a mixture of white, cream, and pale pink alternating with various pink print scraps.  This is truly a scrappy quilt since I used up my pink scraps and only had to add a piece or two cut from fat quarters.  Even the whites and creams were leftovers.  The binding is a scrappy binding and the backing is pieced.  I think this is a happy quilt and I've pinned other people's tumbler quilts for inspiration for future projects. The quilting is a straight line echoing of the tumbler blocks.  It took quite a while, but with the lap quilt size, it was manageable.  Not all my tumbler blocks line up perfectly, the story of my quilting life, but this time the problem was partly because I used two different machines for the piecing.  Although I used the 1/4" setting on each machine, the seams are not identical.

The bottom photo is the flimsy/batting before they are joined to the backing.  I could not get BLOGGER to post these in correct order.  Don't you just love the owl tumblers?  There are just a few of those in the quilt.  I could have done a better job of layout if I had planned the rows.  Instead I went with a random pattern.  I did most of the piecing at our cabin on our latest trip there.  It was a great afternoon piecing the tumblers while looking out the cabin window at the golden trees.  Of course, I left plenty of time to kayak and take some colorful walks.

This little project certainly used up my pink scraps, yet somehow my overall scrap bins just keep growing!  Time to find a new project!!  Happy quilting and Go Pack!!

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