Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Murder Freshly Baked by Vannetta Chapman

Murder Freshly BakedMURDER FRESHLY BAKED is the second mystery set in the Amish Artisan village of Middlebury, Indiana that I have listened to on my mp3 player.  Both stories I acquired through WPLC, Wisconsin libraries' place for technology.  Like the previous story, MURDER SIMPLY BREWED, MURDER FRESHLY BAKED is a cozy mystery.  Amber, the "English" village manager who oversees all the shops and the inn that welcome tourists to the area, gets caught up in solving some mysterious threats which seem aimed directly at her.  Poorly written poetry with threats of poisoned foods begin showing up with no one having a clue about how they appeared.  Hannah, a young Amish girl, who works in the coffee shop quickly becomes involved in helping Amber solve the case, despite the fact that Hannah should be concentrating on her upcoming wedding.

Amber is now married, something that wasn't true in the first book, so I think I need to go back and find MURDER TIGHTLY KNIT and get all the details of that wedding. An interesting twist to this book is that several Amish girls are all involved with the same English man, and it appears that heartbreak for one or all of the girls is on the horizon.  These stories are easy to listen to, making them excellent choices for days when I plan to sew or garden all afternoon.  Amish mysteries may seem slightly silly and even an oxymoron, but I enjoy the cleverness and yet simplicity of writing.


  1. Thanks for your post, Sue! I'm so glad you enjoyed Amber's story!

    1. I am honored that you stopped by my blog. I am now listening to AN AMISH GARDEN; have just finished the third story and will be beginning your story today. Can't wait.