Friday, September 25, 2015

Rocky Top: Peace in the Valley CD

Mandolin, guitar, autoharp, dulcimer, and of course, the fiddle -- the instruments of the mountains join together in this new album of old favorites.  As I listened to Jim Hendricks's renditions, I tried to pinpoint just who would be the key audience for these 16 songs.  First, let me remark, that it is rare to get 16 songs on one album.  I recently bought an album with only 9 songs on it. So just the length of the album alone makes it a good buy.  But back to the question about key audience.  I think this album will appeal to those who know and appreciate the acoustic instruments themselves.  Being familiar with the songs, listeners can key in on the instruments and how they change or enhance each piece.  For example, I'LL FLY AWAY sounds 
slightly different than the version made popular by Allison Krause, but Hendricks's version is equally angelic. 

 Recently, I've been reading about older favorite songs being used as therapy with the elderly, especially those with memory issues.  The nursing home where my father spent his last years was part of a study using MP3 players and personal play lists with dementia patients.  Results are showing that music calms and helps people stay connected to themselves, their families, and their past.  This album would be a wonderful choice to download for someone who has loved gospel music all their life.  Imagine the connections they could make when hearing these songs of faith and what a gift it would be to help someone remember their faith.
I received a copy of this cd from Family Christian for my honest review.  You can purchase a copy of this album in either CD or MP3 format at Family Christian

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