Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Outdoorsy Lap Quilt using 8" Scrap Crazy Templates is finally FINISHED !!

I'm not really into shopping therapy anymore unless it involves a trip to a new-to-me quilt shop. Then I am all in.  Back in late July, childhood friend (and adulthood, too) Chris and I met for lunch, talking, and a quick visit to Loose Threads in Milton, WI.  There I purchased CREATIVE GRIDS Non-Slip Scrap Crazy 8" templates.  I've seen these rulers several times before and resisted (price is almost $25) but it was the sample project done in fall colors that pushed me into purchasing this time.  Plus I had a donation project in mind and wanted to be able to use up a multitude of scraps.

Cutting the five pieces needed for each blog using the three plastic templates was simple; I basically was a one woman assembly line, cutting the shapes and stacking them in a plastic project container.
Then I just carved out a few minutes at a time to sew blocks.  They go together quickly -- one two-piece half and one three-piece half.  Then the halves are assembled. Having all the pieces cut ahead and stacked in a container made the sewing so inviting.  Finished blocks are 8.5 inches.  I decided to add some interest by interspersing some solid blocks embroidered with simple outdoor designs.  I got my designs from the Embroidery Library's WALK IN THE WOODS . I stitched out multiple blocks of my favorite four designs - canoe, cabin, bear, and fish.  I like how they blend with the fall, outdoorsy fabric.  Each pieced block has a crazy block feel so I used to decorative quilting stitches to set them off.  I sort of did my own version of quilt as you go, breaking the quilt into two chunks that were quilted to the batting with the decorative stitches.  Then those two pieces were seamed into one piece which was then paired with the backing.  Then another top stitch was used both horizontally and vertically across all the blocks.  Doing this allowed me to work with manageable pieces, plus I never had to use any of those special strips to sew sections together, and when it was time to pin the top and back together, I was working with two layers (one being the top and batting already quilted), not three.  My stash of browns, oranges, tans, and greens is much smaller now, and I have a quilted project finished.  YEAH.  I know I will be using these templates again and so I guess they were a smart investment.
Closeup of crazy blocks and embroidered block
The templates and a sample block

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  1. What a great use of scrapes! The embroidered squares are a wonderful addition. This is a wonderful gift, well done!