Saturday, August 1, 2015

Refreshing the bathroom

Last summer I was on the look out for a new bathroom shower curtain.  Loved all the fresh, contemporary prints but never found one that really would fit my decor.  I was not willing to totally start from scratch with wall hangings.  In the end I bought a red/brown subtle striped shower curtain.
Doesn't sound very appealing, but it actually looks good in our bathroom, especially with the chocolate brown bathmat and towels.  It also complements the picture (Celebrating Home) I have over the toilet and the flower arrangement on the wall.  However, the small plaques I had on the corner by the vanity weren't a good match.

Recently I bought some embroidery designs from Embroidery Library and decided to do up a couple in red/pink tones.  Here are the original designs. I changed the colors to be a better match for my room.

After I completed the embroidery on white cloth which resembled aida cloth (used for cross stitch) I decided to frame them in simple frames.  I repurposed 3 8 x 10 frames I already had and painted them with a deep red undercoat, followed by a dark brown top coat, sort of like antiquing.  I paid about $1 per design so my total project cost $3.  I already had the paint and truthfully I can will use the embroidery designs again, so that would make the cost even lower.

Here are some photos of the bathroom with the new wall art hung on the corner by the vanity.  Our bathroom is small, so taking decent pictures was difficult.  I really need a better camera, also, but I hope you get the idea.

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