Monday, August 17, 2015

Hope Harbor by Irene Hannon

Hope HarborThe previous books I've read by Hannon have all been suspense books, and I was curious how she would handle a contemporary romance novel.  HOPE HARBOR lays all the ground work for a continuing series set in fictional Hope Harbor, one of those ideal small towns, similar to Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove (although a little quieter).  A quick glance at the last pages show advertising that another book RETURN TO HOPE HARBOR will follow next year, yet I never felt like this first book was overladen with extra characters who would likely reappear in later works.  Hannon centers this story on Michael Hunter, a Chicago nonprofit executive who has come to this western small town for an extended visit.  Clearly he has a reason for coming, but readers have to wait awhile before they discover why.  Hunter's vacation does not start well -- first, he finds the small motel where he had reservations has suddenly closed.  Then he accidentally runs into a young woman on her bike, causing her to loose her groceries and hurt her hip.  Of course, you know that there will be romance between the two, and you won't be disappointed.  Hannon has created very likable characters in both Hunter and the young, hardworking Tracy.  Local color comes from the struggling cranberry farm which has been in Tracy's family for years and the eccentric food truck owner Charley.  Faith lessons in forgiving oneself  and second chances are there for both Tracy and Michael, while Michael's new landlord, widow Anna has need for a different kind of forgiveness.  Warm hearted and sincere, this novel is a quick read, but one that will leave you satisfied; it is perfect for a late summer read as you travel.  Personally, I will welcome novels by Irene Hannon. She's shown she is a success at writing suspense series and now contemporary romance.  I would like to see her branch out again, into those contemporary novels which go beyond romance into deeper stories of character and faith.  I received a copy of HOPE HARBOR from Revell Reads for my honest review.  

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  1. I enjoyed Hope Harbor as well and I look forward to revisiting the Oregon coast. This book made me hungry for Cranberry Nut Cake, so I looked for a recipe that fit the bill. I am posting it on my blog on Thursday.