Friday, August 7, 2015

Gone Without a Trace by Patricia Bradley

Livy (Olivia) Reynolds resists every effort to treat what her superiors call PTSD after an incident in which she shoots a teenager.  Then one day in a dangerous situation she hesitates before she takes action and that slight hesitation almost costs her partner his life.  Deciding to take some time to reassess her mental state and her career, Livy returns to her hometown Logan Point, the same town her cousin Robyn disappeared from two years ago.  Now it seems another waitress has disappeared, this one single and a Logan Point resident for a very short time.  Samantha Jo is also the granddaughter of a powerful politician and only days after her disappearance, he has sent a Texas PI  to the small Tennessee (or is it Mississippi?) community.  Will Alex Jennings be able to find the young, aspiring singer, or has she, like Liv's cousin, "gone with a trace?"

Author Patricia Bradley has suspense down to a science.  Alex and Liv had just the right chemistry.  Their personal problems and their attraction to each other add complexity to the story, but don't detract from the search for Samantha Jo. A profile of the likely kidnapper emerges, and as it does, Bradley supplies readers with an intriguing set of suspects, each as credible as the next.   I'd like to say more about the back story of Robyn, but I can't do that without ruining the book-- again, the work of a talent suspense writer.  Too many suspense novels I've read lately have the protagonists running all over the country, often so frantically that I have trouble following the action.  And too often those chases seem to be just filler.  Nothing like that in Bradley's writing. This novel is the third book in the Logan Point series; I read book one SHADOWS OF THE PAST, and gave it a positive review at the time.  I have not read book two, but I can tell you that reading the first books are NOT required.  GONE WITHOUT A TRACE truly stands on its own.  I received a copy of GONE WITHOUT A TRACE from Revell for review purposes.

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