Thursday, August 13, 2015

Desperate Measures by Sandra Orchard

Desperate MeasuresResearcher Kate Adams cannot let anyone know that she has rescued a few specimens of the rare "miracle plant" that has caused so much turmoil across two decades and more than one continent.  Sure that she can figure out just healing powers the plant has, despite knowing that people have been killed because of its existence, Kate has hidden the plants in her fruit cellar. Despite her feelings for Detective Tom Parker, she does not fully trust him and feels resentment that Tom is responsible for sweeping away her father, a person she has only seen for a few moments in twenty years.  That Tom says the secret safe harbor her dad has been sent to is to protect his life does not make the separation any easier.  DESPERATE MEASURES is the third and final book in Sandra Orchard's suspense series PORT ASTER SECRETS.  Readers who have followed the series will be glad to finally fit all the pieces together.  Like the other books, DESPERATE MEASURES moves at super speed from one danger to another.  Kate's research assistant appears to be suffering from dizzy spells and the medical team suspects a possible poisoning.  Was Kate the real target?  Then the assistant's car is tampered with, but it is Kate that is driving.  A fire threatens that Kate's secret plants will be discovered.  And Detective Tom must divide his time between working on the case of a missing teenager and making sure Kate is safe.

Even if books are part of a series, I can usually read one without reading the others, or can at least handle the time between publication of the earlier books and the later ones.  In this case, the story that twists through the three books is so intertwined, I totally recommend reading all three books in short succession.  The time frame in the story between book two and three is just a matter of weeks, but having read them more than a year apart is just too much time to carry forward that suspense.  I did like that the whole jungle plant mystery and Orchard counterbalances the danger nicely with a mixture of real life, faith, simple humor, and romance.  If you've never read Sandra Orchard, then grab all three books at once and enjoy.  I received a copy of this title from Revell Reads for my honest opinion.

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