Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Dancing Through Life by Candace Cameron Bure

Dancing Through Life: Steps of Courage and ConvictionMost of us will recognize Candace Cameron Bure from her childhood days as DJ Tanner on FULL HOUSE.  For a while she was absent from television, taking a decade off to be concentrate on being a mom and wife.  Then she did take on another series, this one on ABC Family channel, and starred in several Hallmark movies, but what caught my attention again and that of many of her fans was her role on Season 18 of Dancing With the Stars (DWTS).   Candance definitely had an up and down experience on this show.  First " up" was securing a spot, as she had been a diehard fan of the show since Season One.  Second "up" was securing Mark Ballas as her dance partner, a professional she had long admired on the show.  Despite a strong start, Candace's performance varied widely from week to week and so did her scores.  Drama surrounded her moral stance on the sexuality of dances and costumes, creating both a flutter of supporters and critics.  Candace made clear to everyone that she was drawing strength from her personal faith as a Christian.  In the end, Candace placed in the finals and ended with a third, a spot she felt was appropriate.  Now that the dance shoes and glitzy costumes have been replaced with mom sneakers and a full film schedule, Candace has taken time to reflect on the hardships, challenges, and joy she faced on the show. She has shared those reflections and lessons in DANCING THROUGH LIFE, hoping that readers can be supported in their own stands for their Christian convictions and their daily challenges.  If you or someone you know is a fan of DWTS or FULL HOUSE, this would be an excellent purchase.  The book is arranged by week on DWTS (or by dance performances) and I found myself easily remembering most of the dances and costumes.   I don't watch every DWTS season, but I did watch most of Season 18, mainly because of Candace and Mark. I liked that she let us peak behind the Monday night live show into the inner workings of DWTS, but mostly I liked what she stood for, and this book added to my understanding of her deep commitment to living a faithful life.   I received a copy of this book from FamilyChristian for my review opinions.

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