Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Two Roads Home by Deborah Raney and a Five book giveaway

TWO ROADS HOME is the second Chicory Inn novel by Deb Raney.  I confess that I have not read the first, but this easily succeeds as a stand-alone book.  I grew interested enough in the multi-generational Whitman family, their three married daughters, and the struggling Chicory Inn that I may read the first and succeeding books.  This story focuses on daughter Corinne and her husband Jesse and the difficult decisions they need to make when Jesse is unfairly accused of sexual harassment at work.  Author Raney has used the turmoil of this accusation to shed a light on that too common worldly battle between having having too much --- too much stuff, too many obligations, too many worries and having too little --- too little time with one's family, too little peace, too little satisfaction from one's job.

I totally understand the heartache Corinne feels when she believes she will need to give up the dream home and the stay-at-home lifestyle she's enjoyed.  Their decisions and her acceptance reminds me of some of the young mom lifestyle blogs I occasionally read.  I love those real women's enthusiasm and their determination to make their lives joyful and beautiful without overloading on possessions and debt.  I am sure those young moms would find plenty to connect with in this story.

As I said, I did enjoy Corinne's story, I found myself extremely interested in the parts of the book that focused on Audrey and Grant, Corinne's parents.  Being a grandparent with adult children and grandkiddos nearby, I totally related to Audrey's love for the grandchildren at the same time she was anxious about the messes they might leave, especially when the inn was busy with guests.  One of the most humorous scenes of the book revolves around Audrey's reaction to a middle-of-the night fiasco when Corinne's family is staying at the inn.

Being part of a series, TWO ROADS HOME does leave readers with a clear idea of where the next story will pick up, but even with that, I felt the major conflict of this novel ended a bit abruptly and not totally resolved.  But then real life is like that!  I received a copy of this novel from Litfuse for my honest opinion.

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