Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Does This Beach Make Me Look Fat? by Lisa Scottoline and Francesca Serritella

Does This Beach Make Me Look Fat?: True Stories and ConfessionsI've read a few of Lisa Scottoline's fiction books, both the crime novels and the realistic fiction, and I've always enjoyed her writing style.  When I saw that she and her daughter were publishing another
collection of short nonfiction essays, I requested an advance reader's copy.  Truthfully, it was the title DOES THIS BEACH MAKE ME LOOK FAT? that caught my attention.  Witty and unusual I thought, and that certainly describes the entire book.

From Francesca's escapade with a rogue mouse in her apartment and her more fearful escapade into dating after ending a long term relationship to Lisa's musing over the benefits of being a strong minded, independent 59, rather than an approval seeking younger woman, the book offered both plenty of knowing smiles and sighs.  Both women write about Lisa's mother's last days and how that affected them.  Clearly, Lisa and her daughter can trace their independent streaks right back to Mother Mary (what Lisa calls her mom).

When you think about it, I don't really have much in common with either of these two authors.  I don't make my living sitting at the computer spinning fictional tales or examining even the most minuscule moments of my real life for other's amusement.  I don't live in New York City or anywhere on the East Coast.  In fact I can go for whole years without going to anywhere considered metropolitan. Yet on some level, I connected with Scottoline and Serritella, and I look forward to reading what the two collaborate on in the future.

I received an ecopy of DOES THIS BEACH MAKE ME LOOK FAT from Netgalley for my honest review.

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