Sunday, June 21, 2015

Wonderbag Portable Slow Cooker --- Trial recipe

My Wonderbag with the pot inside simmering our soup
I mentioned on Facebook back in May that I had received a Wonderbag Portable Slow Cooker from my daughter for my birthday /Mother's Day.  When you purchase one of these stuffed fabric bags which are really a way to cook, another is given to a family in a third world country.  These slow cookers often let the family make their fire wood stretch.

To use the cooker, you need to have a non-ceramic pot with small handles.  You bring your food (soup, stew, or casserole type dish) to a boil on the stove or over a fire.  Once the food is hot, you put the dish into the bag, draw the string tightly, and let it sit.  No need for further flame.  After a matter of time (from one hour to several, depending on the dish), you open the cooker and your food should be done.  As it says on the website Boil it, Bag it, Slow Cook it, Share it.

We tried my new cooker when we were camping in late May at Calumet County Park.  I took along a new pot with round side handles and the ingredients for a sausage tortellini soup with black beans and carrots.  I let the pot sit for several hours.  This is very nice because I could leave the campsite and go play with our granddaughter.  I did not have to worry about a pot on the stove or even an electric slow cooker heating up the camper.  When we opened it to eat, the soup was definitely done, but the temperature was a little cooler than I like my soup.  I need to figure out what went wrong.
Possibilities:  1.  The handles on the new pot I used inside left too much air space around the pot when tied up.  2. I left the soup for too long.  We should have eaten sooner.  3.  I did not have the soup simmering on the stove long enough to really have it hot before I put it in the cloth bag.
I forgot to take a photo of the soup but this is hubby after supper, enjoying supper.

I will keep trying my Wonderbag slow cooker.  I am looking for recipes to try with it, but most I find are for spicy stews and meatless dishes that are not part of our diet.  I will keep looking.  The booklet that came with the cooker says that it can be used to as a cooler also.  I can see how this will be useful when transporting dishes to parties and potlucks.

Here is a link to the Wonderbag website so you can learn more about this ingenious invention and the mission behind the bag.

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