Monday, June 22, 2015

A New Dresden plate wall hanging using an EZ quilting FAT CAT template

I bought an EZ quilting template called a FAT CAT a couple years ago to make a mini Christmas tree skirt.  The pattern was in Darlene Zimmerman's book Fresh From the Clothesline.  I don't like having a tool that I will only use once or twice, so I always planned to make something more.  The wedges are sewed together the same way Dresden plate wedges are, except these wedges are fatter, making a final circle that is a little less delicate than a traditional Dresden plate.

Our great room which is open to the kitchen is painted in blue and green -- more blue in the kitchen area and then green walls on the dining room side and down the hallways.  I purchased a combination of batiks from Nancy's Notions and one floral print from JoAnn's, then combined them with some basics I had from Connecting Threads and started making the large Dresden circles.  I actually made three of them in different color arrangements, thinking I would combine them into one quilt to hang on the dining room wall.  Once the plates were done, they sat for several months -- UFOs.  I don't usually have unfinished objects, but I just didn't know what to do with what I started.

Since I wanted something done before our out-of-state company arrived in early July, I uncovered the pieces last week and starting planning.  One slight mis-cut of the background fabric changed my original plans, and I ended up using just one Dresden plate in a square wall hanging.  I will be finishing another, almost identical square to use as a table topper.  I like the decision to go with separate pieces.

I have decorative stitches down each petal and then around the points.  Beyond that there is straight line quilting that echoes the corner triangles and the Dresden plate itself.  When hubby came in from his workshop for lunch, I got his help with switching out the oil painting that had been on the dining room wall with this finished wall hanging.  I like it and it complements another quilted square which above the nearby pantry door.  I've added some photos for you, but must say that they are not true color.  Colors are much brighter, including the walls themselves!.

Closeup view of the hanging.  Photo is not centered, sorry.

Closer view of the quilting

Dining room view

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  1. Love the piece and the quilting! I am planning out my next project, a bit more piece intensive than before. Hope you are enjoying your summer. It was great seeing the folks at the end of May but I was sorry to miss the party. We should see them next down here, in December, for Logan's graduation from UT.