Monday, May 11, 2015

Wonderful Mother's Day and a WONDERBAG

Everyone is posting about their Mother's Day and so I will add a bit about my day. Saw all my children and grandchildren even though we did not have a "formal' get-together planned. That made it extra special. Got sweet and special gifts from all, but I am going to highlight the unique gift I got from my daughter, her little girl, and my hubbie.. Called the WONDERBAG, it lets you slow cook or keep food hot/cold without any electricity. It looks sort of odd, but when you read about it, you realize it is an age old technology put to modern use. When you buy a WONDERBAG, one is given to a family in Africa or another 3rd world area where obtaining cooking fuel is difficult. The WONDERBAG does not eliminate the need for a stove or cooking fire entirely since the food and its container must be heated before it can be put in the bag, but it cuts down on the time that fuel must be used. We may not realize it but in Africa some women or their children spend the whole day foraging for cooking wood and many cooking fires actually pollute the air within their homes. The WONDERBAG helps eliminate some of those issues. My bag is the blue one and I can't wait to give it a try. Here is a link to the site about this effort to help others

I hope to try it out next week when we are camping.  I'll start a soup or a chili on the camper stovetop and finish it in the WONDERBAG while we go off and take a hike.

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