Saturday, May 16, 2015

One more box ticked off my list 26 BOOKS TO READ IN 2015

The Dream Lover by Early in 2015 I committed to two book challenges, one called 26 BOOKS TO READ IN 2015 by Well the six month mark is quickly approaching and I have been making very little progress on either list, despite always being in the midst of a book.  Life just keeps getting in the way and then I am also easily led astray by new books which don't fit the list.

I just finished reading Elizabeth Berg's new book THE DREAM LOVER and I've decided to let it "tick off one of the boxes" on my list of 26 books.  I've read several books by Elizabeth Berg and I've always enjoyed her titles which seem to explore women characters becoming stronger through crisis.
I don't know what drew me to THE DREAM LOVER, probably some review or notice that book clubs were reading it, but somehow I placed a hold at the library for it, and when it arrived, I moved it near the top of the TO-BE-READ list. Unlike Berg's other books with their contemporary settings, THE DREAM LOVER visits early 19th Century France and examines the life of George Sand, the famous female novelist who shocked many with her fiction, her choice to often dress as a man, and her scandalous lifestyle.  After reading the book, I think maybe her actions were not so outrageous for her social group as we think, but the real scandal was in her openness about her ways.  

I am not going to recommend or not recommend this title.  Berg is as always a talented writer, and I believe she has portrayed George Sand in a realistic, forthright manner.  I am counting this title as a book by an author I love (make that like, please).

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