Thursday, April 2, 2015

Only God Can Make a Kitten by Rhonda Gowler Greene with illustrations by Laura J. Bryant

9780310731702 A young boy accompanies his mother and baby sister on walks in nature through the seasons, always asking his mama who made whatever wonder they find.  Whether it's a kitten, a tender bloom, or the vast ocean, his mama always answers with a rhyme that it is God who has done the creation.  Laura J. Bryant's illustrations are as delicate, warm, and  refreshing as a real walk in the spring air.  The book ends with the mom telling the little boy (and the tinier sister) that the best of God's creations is them.  Children will like the soft colored illustrations and joyous faces.  The rhyming verses have a tender rhythm and are easy to read and listen to.  As a grandparent, I see an underlying lesson for the parents who will be reading ONLY GOD CAN MAKE A KITTEN to small ears.  Those walks with your children may seem like they will go on forever, but they don't.  Your little one who wants to share everything with you and who bombards you with questions about everything will NOT stay little.  Soon the questions and the special walks will diminish.  Make those times count.  Share  God's creation.   Instill a sense of wonder and awe.   In one scene in the book, Mama, boy, and sister are lying on their backs looking up at the night sky, as he asks, "Who makes the sparkles in the night?"  That image brought back memories of a special night when my husband and I lay on a Lake Superior pier in Porcupine Mountain State Park with your two youngest kids watching an August meteor shower.  And just a few weeks ago we joined our son with his young family on an impromptu evening drive to catch a rare glimpse of the Northern Lights in our area.  Sharing God's creation -- it passes from generation to generation.

I can think of many reasons to get or give this book.  It would make a thoughtful addition to an Easter basket or perhaps a baby shower or baptism gift.  If your church has a children's library, this would be a fantastic addition. It will become a favorite.  I received a copy of this book from BookLook and ZonderKidz for review purposes.

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