Sunday, April 12, 2015

Life Unstuck by Pat Layton

Pat Layton, author of A SURRENDERED LIFE and founder of the Life Impact Network, has written a verse by verse study of Psalm 139.  Titled LIFE UNSTUCK, Pat shows readers how to the use the Psalm as a guide to finding peace with one's past, purpose in one's present, and passion for one's future.  All of us get stuck at one time or another.  Too many of us let those episodes of "stuckness" become our life's narrative.  It may be regrets over our past mistakes or grudges held too long while for other's it may be an inability to find worth in our current circumstances, If we are stuck in either our past lives or present lives, we are unable to see the potential of the path God has selected for our future.

Layton writes with a conversational style, provides many examples from her own life, and challenges readers at every step to examine their own lives and to use Psalm 139 as a guide to taking action.  A study guide can be downloaded to accompany the book and Layton maintains a website with further helps.  The book offers several "assessments" to take along the way to help readers evaluate their "stuckness" and personalities. This title would a good choice for a small women's study group, but it can certainly be read by an individual.

I received a copy of this title from Revell Reads Nonfiction for review purposes.  Life Unstuck by Pat Layton

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