Friday, April 24, 2015


unnamedI don't how I came upon  BET YOUR BOTTOM DOLLAR by Karin Gillespie; I think it was
a special priced e-book recently.  When I see an e-book that I may be interested in, even if it is on special, I always check to see if our library system has the book.  Then I evaluate whether I want to buy the book or borrow it.  Borrowing usually is my decision, and it was with Gillespie's book.

Set in the tiny town of Cayboo Creek, South Carolina, BET YOUR BOTTOM DOLLAR is a refreshing light read about a close knit community who really doesn't like the expansion into their territory of big box stores.  When a chain dollar store announces its plans to build there, 25 year old Elizabeth, the Bottom Dollar's store manager decides to fight back.  While townspeople swear they won't shop at the large, new dollar store, Elizabeth knows the temptation of all those shining display shelves stocked with overchoice will soon beat out the tiny Bottom Dollar.  That means Elizabeth, Attalee, and store owner Mavis will be out of work.

Elizabeth's story, complete with a broken engagement, a rebound romance, and shocking revelations about Elizabeth's parents,  is told with humor and wit.  You may like the over the top puns and tongue-in-cheek sayings or not, but BET YOUR BOTTOM DOLLAR was just the nonsensical, silly story that I needed at this time.  There are two other books in the Bottom Dollar series. Read more about them and other Gillespie writings at

On the 26 Books to read in 1015 Challenge, I am counting BET YOUR BOTTOM DOLLAR as #25, a book that is more than 10 years old since the publication date is 2005.

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