Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Smiles and Hoots - a 2015 Sewing Bucket List Project to donate

I've finally spent a little time in the sewing room and have finished another project from the 2015 Sewing Bucket List Project Challenge, the challenge I found on  and  I believe the original challenge is following a specific order, but I am moving through the 17 projects as I see fit.

Smiles and Hoots is a baby quilt that will be DONATED.  Made of scraps I followed an adapted version of Jera Brandvig's Rainy Days, a quilt as you go block shown in Brandvig's book QUILT AS YOU GO MADE MODERN.  Scrap rectangles 7.5" by 10", are centered on 10" batting squares, then are framed with 2" strips of solid fabric, creating a quilt as you go piece.  Each piece is then squared up to a 9.5" square.  This is the fun part because you create the squares by placing your 9.5" square template slightly askew on the larger, rough square.  The trimmed squares are sewn together in rows, creating a quilt of what look like rectangles and alternating squares.  Really you have sewn perfect squares together.  Here is a link to directions for an earlier version of Rainy Days which Brandvig posted on her blog The dimensions of the squares are different from the pattern in the book, but the directions here are much clearer than my summary.Image result for jera brandvig rainy days

When I started my baby quilt, I knew that I did not have enough large pieces to make 7.5" by 10" rectangles, so mine are 6.5" by 5".  I surrounded each rectangle with strips of pink which were between 2 and 2.5" wide.  Then I trimmed them to make 7.5 inch squares.
Before trimming the squares, I quilted a design of either stars or swirls on the block using my embroidery machine The embroidery machine did the work quickly while I sewed new blocks.
Because I thought the quilt needed to be a little bigger and I was out of my pink scraps, I added borders around the outside.  Once this top was done (remember it is already quilted to batting pieces) I just pin basted the backing on and stitched in the ditch along the seams.  Very easy to do and to handle.  Last step was adding binding.
Quilted star design on "smiley flower"

Pin basted, ready to sew along seam lines

Finished "Smiles and Hoots quilt, named for the Owls and Smiley Flowers

Backing which shows the quilting through all three layers.

If you have lots of scraps to deal with, I suggest either getting Jera Brandvig's book or checking out her website.  Her ideas are super easy and give you an alternative to working with huge batting pieces.  Her ideas are unconventional (modern) and you may have some issues with a little bulk at the seam lines, but read her suggestions and you will do just fine.  I feel very happy that I have a finished quilt made entirely out of scraps (except the backing).  I can see all kinds of further adaptations of this simple pattern.   I love the skewed look.  

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  1. Love it!! Using scrapes and such a fun look with the skewed blocks. I am working on a Stained Glass Denim quilt. The pieces are cut and laid out on the bed. Sewing will begin tonight. :)