Friday, March 20, 2015

Sabotaged by Dani Pettrey

Sabotaged - Alaskan Courage Book 5 - by Dani PettreySABOTAGED is Dani Pettrey's fifth adventure novel in THE ALASKA COURAGE series, all centered around the McKenna family.  In what appears to be the last story (at least at this point) Reef McKenna is trying to overcome his trouble maker image, especially when it comes to Kirra Jacob.  Although Kirra, now a veterinarian, has known Reef since kindergarten, they have never had a smooth relationship.  Reef hopes their joint duty on the Iditorad race will give him a chance to show he has put his wild and careless ways behind him.

But it is McKenna's turn to be surprised when he catches Kirra outside the race station well into the wee hours.  His amusement turns to concern when he hears that Kirra's  uncle, a musher on the race, has gotten a message that his daughter has been kidnapped.  Reef and all the McKennas will rally around Kirra as they furiously try to locate Kirra's cousin before her uncle is forced to carry a task that will threaten Alaska itself.

I've read the entire ALASKA COURAGE series and like many other readers find many similarities to Dee Henderson's O'Malley series.  Each book focuses on a different family member who becomes in both a mystery and a love interest.  Other family members and villagers complete the cast, usually with some kind of lead in to the next book's romance. Despite this repeating pattern,  I've enjoyed this series for several reasons --1. In almost all the books, the readers are placed right in the danger from the first pages.  Whether it is a plane crash into the ocean or the discovery of a hiker's dead body, the McKenna family is in the midst of danger in each book.  2.Alaska's rugged setting and unique lifestyle permeates each book. I loved reading about bush pilots, fishing boats, cruise ships, snowboarding, and even the famous Iditorad dog race.  3. The characters are fun to follow.  The whole family connection and interplay will be much easier for readers who discover the series now that it is done.  They will be able to start with book one, SUBMERGED, and quickly make their way through the series, instead of waiting months for the next installment.

I obtained a copy of SABOTAGED through our library system.  Check out your libraries for the series.  If you can make recommendations and if your library system selects Christian Suspense books, then suggest Dani Pettrey.  Meanwhile, I hope she is already in the process of creating a new suspense series.

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