Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Easter Stories: Classic Tales for the Holy Season compiled by Miriam LeBlanc

Cover image for Easter StoriesThis anthology of classic tales newly collected by Miriam LeBlanc is for everyone who believes that Easter is more than the annual egg hunt, new shoes, and another reason for sugary treats.  She has selected works from famous writers like Tolstory, C. S. Lewis, and Alan Paton and equally powerful stories from writers most of us won't recognize. Some take parable form; all are tales of faith and God's love.  Lisa Toth's black woodcuts that accompany each story add to that nostalgic feel that permeates the whole book. 

Remember in classic stories how families gathered together to hear father or mother read out loud.
Well worn volumes were lifted lovingly from the shelves so that favorite tales and poems could be read again and again.  Reading the family Bible often followed the evening's stories.  Our modern
life has abolished most incidences of such family gatherings, but why can't they return?  Once a few years ago my husband and I spent a few evenings snowed in at our remote up north cabin.  No real connection to the outside world except our radio.  He had with him a volume of Jack London Alaskan stories.  Soon we were entertaining each other by taking turns selecting and reading aloud stories from the volume.  What excitement and fun.  With each story of danger, we felt cozier and cozier.

I feel this volume will call you to do something  similar.  Read the stories, let them soak in, and then select those that speak most to your heart and share them.  Retell or reread them to the children, to the elderly, or to the whole family.  I had the volume with me today to read as we traveled to an appointment.  After reading Jane Tysson Clement's THE WHITE LILY, I had to read it out loud to my husband as we traveled.  What a wonderful description of how we change when we accept God's grace and salvation.  I could visualize the transformation of the old man and the little boy as they changed so that the lily would not be "dirtied."  A truly "old fashioned" story that has so much to remind us.  Alan Paton's foot washing story had an equally powerful impact as I read it.  What powerful literature, each item only a few pages long.  

My normal rule is that I will not write a review until I am completely done with a book, but I am breaking that rule right now.  I still have stories in EASTER STORIES to read.  I am saving them during the coming days and hopefully will be able to share some of them with family.  I want to encourage others to find your own copy so you can do the same.  I want to thank Plough Publishing and Handlebar providing me with a review copy. 

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