Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Twisted Innocence by Terri Blackstock

THE MOONLIGHTERS SERIES which began with the action packed TRUTH STAINED LIES, then continued its gripping story of the Cramer family in
DISTORTION will conclude in Terri Blackstock's latest novel TWISTED INNOCENCE.  Terri Blackstock was among the first Christian authors I read and most certainly the first author of Christian suspense I read.  More than a decade later, I find each new series better than the previous.  In TWISTED INNOCENCE, Holly, the youngest sister of the Cramer family, is trying to juggle a new and better life -- single parenthood, a night job driving taxi, and her second job dabbling as a private investigator.  All that means she relies heavily on her two sisters who both have complicated lives - one who is still reeling from the aftermath of her husband's secret life, and the other, Kathy, a lawyer is intent on freeing her fiancee from an unjust prison sentence.  While they are glad that Holly seems to be putting her wildchild behind her, even while keeping the pink hair, they wonder why Holly has never shared the paternity of her four week old daughter.  When Holly is visited by a pair of police officers who are looking for the baby's father in connection to a drug killing, Holly is at first glad that no one in the family knows the father's identity, but quickly concludes she must find him and learn the truth about the killing.  Like all of Blackstock's tales, there is a faith thread throughout. In this series, all three sisters struggle with personal faith, partly because their father, a pastor, demanded perfection from his children but hid his own life of infidelity and lies. Now powerless and suffering from dementia their father remains an unresovled stumbling block, especially to Holly. Readers might question why include a four week old baby in a suspense story, but the little one's
presence is all about her innocence and how the choices others make determine how that innocence

I am so glad that all three novels in THE MOONLIGHTER SERIES are now published.  I highly recommend these books if you like fast action contemporary stories, ones packed with suspense.  Get all three books at once because there are unresolved cliff hangers in the first two books,  and if you are like me, the suspense will demand that you move forward to find out how it all settles out for the Cramer family. Blackstock has done a commendable job of focusing each novel on a different sister while keeping the stories so intertwined that you really need to read all three (and  will want to).

I received a prepublication ecopy of TWISTED INNOCENCE from NETGALLEY for review purposes.  All opinions are mine.

I don't normally promote one book outlet over another, but in posting a copy of this review to Barnes and Noble, I noticed that an e-copy of all three MOONLIGHTER books will be soon available for only $12.99.  That's a good deal.  Would imagine that Amazon will be competitive.  Of course, remember that paperback copies of the book can easily be shared and passed on to others!  I just heard through my daughter that her area library has noticed a drop in books being donated for their fund raising book sales.  Possible reason?  Too many people only buying ebooks which we all know cannot be donated.

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