Sunday, February 1, 2015



"Holy Mackerel! Holy Catnip!"  Two mystery solving cats are on the loose!  Told from the viewpoint
of Buckley Bergdorf, the younger and less experienced of the two cats, THE CASE OF THE JEWEL COVERED CAT STATUES is a light hearted, cozy mystery which will call upon readers to suspend all aspects of reality.  How else will  you be able to accept cats that use computers and hide wrapped packages?

This book is not identified as children's lit, but it certainly could be read by any cat-loving, mystery seeker.  Fourth graders I've known usually like simple mysteries and would go for the far-fetched cat antics.  Dyed in the wool (or is it dyed in the fur) cat lovers of all ages may like this light toned tale, as I believe many cat lovers actually know that their own cats are doing important behind the scenes work in their homes and communities while their owners sleep and carry on the their daily lives.
Each chapter begins and ends with a "Holy Mackerel" or a "Holy Catnip" and the two phrases are sprinkled liberally within each short chapter also, making their use slightly overdone for my tastes.  However I did enjoy the underlying thread of caring for rescued and special needs cats.

I've heard (actually previewed) a Super Bowl commercial featuring an adorable lab puppy and the Budweiser Clydesdales.  If your imagination takes you into that story, then maybe THE CASE OF THE JEWEL COVERED CAT STATUES is for you.  Clearly Cindy Vincent enjoys writing this series and should continue.  Besides writing this series, Vincent also writes a detective games series for girls.    I received a copy from LitFuse for my honest review.

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