Tuesday, January 27, 2015

We Laugh, We Cry, We Cook by Becky Johnson and Rachel Randolph

 The mother and daughter team of Becky Johnson and Rachel Randolph combine tales of life's highs and lows with tales of the foods that bind them together and define their separateness. Daughter Rachel has plenty to tell about the food journey she and her Texan husband undertook when they put aside the barbeques and briskets in favor of a vegan lifestyle.  Mother Becky's stories clearly show that food is tied to our emotions and sense of love and security.  You will laugh when the women share that Rachel, a definite type A personality (think compulsive neatness and cleanliness) grew up with Mom Becky who daily misplaced her keys and could not create a simple dinner without turning the kitchen into a war zone.   Each chapter is followed with family recipes, each one clearly showing the pair's great love for good food.

Is there a casserole that shows up at every family reunion, a cake recipe you pull out whenever there is a birth or death in the neighborhood, or perhaps a lost recipe for a secret sauce that a favorite aunt never shared?  If so, you will connect with Becky and Rachel even if you've never eaten one vegan meal.  While searching for a jpg of the book's cover to include on this blog entry, I found Rachel and Becky's blog.  More fun reading! And it appears that the duo has a new book with an even more delightful title --  Sure hope some library in our system has added this to their collection, as I am intrigued.

Nourished cover final

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