Saturday, January 10, 2015

Recycling and revisiting 1987

A few years ago I scored a few vintage calendar towels at a garage sale, thinking I would be recycle them in some sewing project.  My original idea had been shopping bags.  Well, that never happened and the towels got stored with the fabric stash, to be rediscovered today when I was searching the stash for something I needed.  The bright colored birds on this towel caught my eyes anew, and while daydreaming about how I could use the panel I noticed that January 1st was a Thursday.  This January 1st was a Thursday.  Sure enough the whole year matched, no Leap Year problem.  I glanced at the bottom to see that the towel year was 1987.  I've since hung the towel in our sunroom where I watch the birds eating at the feeders each morning while I eat my breakfast.  Now I will also reminiscence about 1987 when ---

I turned 38.  At the time that did not seem young, but it sure does NOW!  We celebrated our 16th anniversary that year.  Who would have thought that would seem like newlyweds to this couple of almost 44 years.  

I was just a couple years into my educational career, working with at-risk students at the time.  It was
a good job and I got along with the kids, but I have to confess I enjoyed teaching English and being librarian better.  However, I always liked the adults I worked with and Markesan was (is) a great school district.

Life at home was more hectic than today -  Vince would turn 7 that year, Olivia 10, and Clint 15.  It was about time that Clint moved himself to makeshift bedroom in the basement so he could have some privacy.  Sharing a room with a little brother 8 years younger was difficult when you liked loud music and Mom thought your brother should go to bed at a reasonable time.  Lots of running around with the kids for 4-H and friends.  Russ would have been working nights, and I certainly don't miss all those nights alone, feeding the woodstove and corralling the kids to bed at a decent hour.   

Give it a thought.  What are your 1987 memories?  Let me know!


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