Monday, January 5, 2015

Motherless by Erin Healy

Motherless  A simple summary of Erin Healy's new book would be that Marina, 20, and Dylan, 17, believe that solving the mystery behind their mother's disappearance and supposed suicide 17 years ago will help them survive in the new chaos they have been thrust in.  Their father, the only family they've known, has been declared brain dead after a truck accident at a work site, leaving them to flounder in a double-mortaged house.

Even that short scenario sounds complicated, but if you've read Erin Healy before, you know that she never writes simple stories.  This is a book of complex characters and not all of them are earthly. The book begins with the children's deceased mother hovering nearby, telling readers that the children deserve the one thing she has never been able to give them -- a mother, and then they also need the truth. The truth is what you, the reader, will also get the truth, but it will take until the very end of the book to receive.  This is not a book that you will easily figure out.  Packed with flawed people ( a mother with postpartum depression and bipolar symptoms, a 17 year old agoraphobic, a cousin who destroyed a marriage, and a father who kept his distance to keep his secrets), this book is hard to describe and slightly difficult to read, but like other Healy books, it is hauntingly beautiful.

I received a copy of MOTHERLESS from BookLook for review purposes.

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  1. Thanks for your thoughts on Motherless. I have loved all of Healy's novels that I have read. Like you said, I often find it hard to articulate why! I will definitely put this one on the TBR list.